❾-50%}Lucas takes on a complicated decision. Retrieved August 6, Spotted Ratings. From creator Mark Schwahn, the series focuses on two very different brothers. Views Read Edit View history. Season 1 Episode 1. He isn't the only one confronting insecurities: Peyton can't find the courage to submit her drawings for publication. Archived from the original on August 5, Meanwhile, Haley and Nathan grow closer until Brooke spreads a vicious rumor that leaves Haley devastated. Nathan must choose which parent to live with after Dan and Deb's divorce. October 8, OTH takes a dip in the crazy pool when Dan gets settled into his villain role and hires a woman Maria Menounos! Because of Nathan's pills-disaster, coach cancels basketball practice till further notice, telling livid Dan -who fears for the Ravens' shot at a perfect season- 'the game is no fun any more' so he takes off pressure. The Scotts see a therapist to try to fix their family problems, but the distance between Deb and Dan continues to grow. Meanwhile, Nathan tries to win Haley back after she gets to know that he was dating her just to mess with Lucas. Lucas is stunned when Haley's reconciliation with Nathan heightens the intensity of their relationship. God bless this show. Frustrated by Lucas' growing popularity at school, Nathan searches for Lucas' weak spot, and finds it in Haley James. Could you even imagine? February 1, [23].