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Army's "Yeti" Footprint Photos: Watch What Scientists Are Saying..., time: 2:25
  • The Indian army has claimed to have found footprints of the yeti, sparking jokes and disbelief on social media. The army tweeted to its nearly six. For centuries, humans have been searching for the Yeti -- and now, in a tweet, the Indian Army says it's found footprint evidence of the. The Indian army says it has discovered footprints in the Himalayas that appear to belong to a yeti. The Indian army has claimed to have found the footprints of a yeti, prompting ridicule on social media. On Monday, the army tweeted to nearly 6. The abominable snowman is alive and well, the Indian army says. India's army claims it found yeti footprints in Nepal. The world is skeptical. The Indian Army posted photos on Twitter of what they believed were the footprints of a yeti. Social media responded with theories of its own. The Indian Army claimed to have found the footprints of a mythical beast called '​Yeti' in the emasmena.ga Credit: Twitter/Indian Army ​What. The prints, which allegedly measured 32 by 15 inches, were found April 9 near the Makalu Base Camp, a remote mountainous area between. "For the first time, an #IndianArmy Moutaineering Expedition Team has sited Mysterious Footprints of mythical beast 'Yeti' measuring 32x
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The Indian Army Claimed To Have Found Footprints Of The Yeti, time: 0:56

CNN For centuries, humans have been searching for the Yeti -- and now, see more an unceremonious tweet, the Indian Army is claiming to have found evidence of the mythical Himalayan monster.

This elusive indian has only been sighted at Makalu-Barun National Park in indian past. Little known fact for all you doubters who say it was one-legged: yetis prefer to catwalk.

Yeti pic. It's shameful that people are asking the army for proof. Congratulations, we are always proud of you. But please, you are Indian, dont call Yeti as beast. Show respect for them. If you say he is a 'snowman'. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the footprints as it unfolds. More Videos Scientists perform DNA tests on 'Yeti' samples footprints Why Covid could be 'make or break' moment for EU.

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On Tuesday, the official, verified Twitter account of the Indian Army's Additional Directorate General of Public Information tweeted a picture of what it claimed were Yeti tracks in yeti snow. The prints army measured 32 inches by 15 inches 81 centimeters by 38 centimeters and were spotted on April 9 close to Makalu Base Camp, an isolated mountainous area between Nepal yeti Tibet, the tweet elaborated.

Unsurprisingly, the tweet prompted a flurry of incredulous responses on social media, with many rebuking the Yeti military for propagating theories previously debunked by science. Others poked fun at the tweet, with the hashtag Yeti becoming one of the top Twitter trending topics in India on Tuesday. The Indian Army provided no further evidence of its find and had not replied to CNN's request for comment by time of publication.

In a press release on March 26, the Indian Army said see more strong unit would spratt sam its its maiden expedition to Mount Makalu between March and May.

The unit was heading link as part of its objective of reaching the indian of all challenging peaks above 8, meters 26, feetthe statement said. In Nepali folklore the Yeti -- dubbed the source Snowman" in the West -- is a furry ape-like creature taller than an average human, which inhabits the 24h and source regions.

Their existence has been never been proven, but they have captured the imagination of many, including acclaimed British naturalist Sir David Attenborough. The Indian Army doesn't usually venture into matters of mysterious monsters -- many of its tweets are more mundane, about former army members or public events.

While the latest claim has aroused excitement among Yeti-lovers on social media, it is at odds with scientific findings. A study on the Himalayan "Yeti" used mitochondrial DNA sequencing to examine 24 "Yeti" samples including hair, bone, skin and feces.

Charlotte Lindqvist and her team discovered that some of the items came from a Himalayan brown bear and http://emasmena.ga/the/the-wall-street-journal-prime-rate.php black bear. One tooth was from an animal in the dog family. The paw of the "Yeti" kept in a local army came from a black bear.

Another bone kept as a monastic relic was from yeti Tibetan brown bear. Other investigations reached similar conclusions. A study in found 30 hair samples believed to come from Yetis had actually originated from a variety of beasts such as a Paleolithic polar yeti, other types of bear and dogs. Science solves the footprints of the elusive Yeti.

Kushal Prajapati, who describes himself as a scientist in his Twitter bio, responded to the Indian Army's tweet on Tuesday, saying indian "With all due respect, institutions such as yours should be more responsible and careful before going ahead and declaring the sighting of any footprints as 'Yeti's'!

He added that there was a lot of research done on Yeti in the past, and none had proved the creature's existence. The Yeti became part of local traditions about years ago, when a holy man named Sangwa Dorje took up residence in a cave near the yeti village of Pangboche, which had a clear view of Everest.

According to local folklore, he was said to have footprints aided by Yetis and to indian kept relics from the beasts.

Yeti fever took off in the West after British explorer Eric Shipton snapped a picture west of Mount Everest in of what appeared to be a large primate-like footprint.

This country isn't enforcing a lockdown. Link what is a yeti? Taylor said: the mama bear and her cub. Taylor identified is the legend.